new standard update July 2011

steel و aisc و neta و testing

American Institute of Steel Construction

AISC 325-11A
Steel Construction Manual, Fourteenth Edition

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American Petroleum Institute

API Spec 5CT
Specification for Casing and Tubing, Ninth Edition

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ASTM International

ASTM A370-11
Standard Test Methods and Definitions for  Mechanical Testing
of Steel Products

ASTM Section 8:2011
ASTM Book of Standards - Section 8 - Plastics (Vols. 08.01-08.04)

ASTM Volume 09.01:2011
ASTM Book of Standards Volume 09.01: Rubber, Natural and SyntheticB

ASTM Volume 14.03:2011
ASTM Book of Standards Volume 14.03: Temperature Measurement

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American Water Works Association

AWWA D100-11
Welded Steel Tanks for Water Storage

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International Electrical Testing Association

Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications for Electric Power Distribution Equipment and Systems

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new standard update June 2011

Canadian Standards Association

CSA Z662-11 Package
Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems and Commentary – Due in July, pre-order today!

CAN/CSA M421-11
Use of Electricity in Mines

ANSI Z21.10.3-2011/CSA 4.3-2011
Gas Water Heaters, Volume III

ANSI Z21.78-2010/CSA 6.20-2010
Combination Gas Controls for Gas Appliances

CAN C22.2 NO. 104-11
Humidifiers (Bi-national standard, with UL 998)

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International Commission on Illumination

CIE  S 021/E:2011
Vehicle Headlighting Systems Photometric Performance - Method
of Assessment

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE C2-2012
2012 National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) – Pre-order for
August Delivery

IEEE C2-2012 HB
NESC Handbook: A Discussion of the National Electrical
Safety Code, 7th Edition

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Illuminating Engineering Society

IES RP-22-11
Tunnel Lighting

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International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering

ISPE Good Practice Guide: Cold Chain Management

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NSF International

NSF 59-2011
Mobile Food Carts

NSF 170-2010
Glossary of Food Equipment Terminology

NSF 336- 2011
Sustainability Assessment for Commercial Furnishings Fabric

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